Xining, August 31st, title: Qinghai rural revitalization experience: all forces play the development "concerto"

  Author Zhang Tianfu Bai Deju

  Nowadays, autumn is high and fresh, and the earth flows with gold.

In Fengdui Township, Ledu District, Haidong City, Qinghai Province, known as the "Colorful Peaks", there is a busy harvest scene.

  "This is our own home. Of course, we hope that our hometown will become more and more beautiful and better." The villagers of Shangyi Village, Fengdui Township, Ledu District, Haidong City, said to reporters as they were busy with their work.

  Shangyi Village was originally a small mountain village in the eastern part of Qinghai Province, but in recent years, through various forces, the "concerto" for poverty alleviation and rural revitalization has been played in the village, and Shangyi Village's reputation is not small.

  Seven years ago, most farmers in Fengdui Township relied only on scattered crops to make ends meet.

  In 2014, Guo Zhanfu, a villager in Shangyi Village who had just stepped into the potato planting industry, broke the tradition and invested 15,000 yuan to plant 0.7 hectares of potato seed potatoes, earning 85,000 yuan that year.

  “A person who is rich is not considered rich. If you want to lead everyone to a well-off society, we have consulted many experts. This place is more suitable for planting seed potatoes.” said Guo Zhanfu, who had a good harvest after planting seed potatoes for the first time.

  After tasting the sweetness of potato planting, in 2017, under the leadership of the township party committee, Fengdui Township further expanded the scale of planting by renting abandoned land, transferring land, and buying land shares, and gradually formed a "cooperative + farmer" planting model.

At the same time, the construction of rural roads and infrastructure in Fengdui Township and Daquan has explored and formed a new development model of "agriculture + tourism".

The picture shows the distant view of Fengdui Village, Ledu District, Haidong City, Qinghai Province.

Photo courtesy of the Propaganda Department of Ledu District Committee

  Nowadays, Fengdui Township is deeply implementing the "Party Building Cohesion" project, actively responding to the requirement of "consecutive building, highlighting characteristics", integrating resource advantages, and building a beautiful and livable village.

The party’s organizational advantages have been fully transformed into development momentum, and the “acceleration” that party building has led to rural revitalization has been achieved.

  At the same time, the grassroots party branches in Fengdui Township are based on local resource endowments and industrial advantages, adhere to the principle of "farmers, ecology first, and local conditions", and actively explore to create the most beautiful potato flower eco-tourism highlights in Fengdui Township.

  It is reported that the construction of the Potato Flower Sea Base in Fengdui Township involves 5 villages with 3,100 people in 937 households.

In the face of this situation, Fengdui Township promoted the responsibility of member units and promoted the interlocking of the party building cohesion project. Party members and cadres throughout the township actively coordinated soliciting opinions from all parties, examining the situation of the villagers door by door, ensuring that various work propaganda, Put it in place.

  Prosperous industries are the key to rural revitalization.

This year, Fengdui Township has planted 270 hectares of potato, with an estimated yield of 6,500 jin per mu and a profit of 3,900 yuan per mu.

  A few years ago, a group of oil painters in Shangyi Village used colorful paintings to paint the beautiful "new clothes" with patterns such as pagodas, horses, giraffes, fruits and vegetables, potato flowers and other landscapes on the walls of the village. The mountain village is like a fairy tale world.

  This year, with the sound of the horn of rural revitalization, a new batch of 12 village-based workers from many units in Qinghai Province to the Fengdui Township Rural Revitalization Tourism Demonstration Village and Poverty Alleviation Village have all arrived and continued to advance with full enthusiasm. Various tasks for rural revitalization.

  At the beginning of this year, "Overseas Chinese Love-Skills Training" started in Shangyi Village.

  "Every year the Potato Flower Art Festival held in Haidong City, there are many tourists, everyone will be around to make a lot of money. Now the village has skills training organized by the Qinghai Provincial Federation of Overseas Chinese, follow the teacher system to learn, learn one or two. Specialties, visitors will definitely like it more at the art festival.” Villager Xiong Zengxu who participated in the training once told a reporter from that the training is not only free, but also daily training subsidies are provided to the trainees.