Keidanren's new proposal for normalizing socio-economic activities has been revealed in Corona.

The policy is to ask the government to consider necessary measures, such as exempting vaccinated people from returning to Japan or quarantining them after entering Japan.

As the infection continues to spread, Keidanren has so far announced recommendations for the introduction of a "vaccine passport" that proves vaccination, but recently, a new way to normalize socio-economic activities in Corona's disaster has been announced. The proposal has been finalized.

According to the report, "A certain level of new infections have been reported even when looking at overseas trends in the progress of vaccination, and it is necessary to start preparations for the resumption of socio-economic activities from now on."

On top of that, in Europe and the United States, where vaccination is progressing, traffic to and from overseas is becoming more active, and the quarantine period after returning to Japan or entering Japan will be shortened from the current 14 days to a maximum of 10 days, and for those who have been vaccinated. Should immediately consider exemption from quarantine measures.

In addition, on the premise that the severity rate and mortality rate will decrease, it will be possible to treat at general hospitals and clinics, and in order to prevent the spread of infection, deregulation will be made so that simple antigen test kits can be sold at pharmacies. I'm looking for.

Keidanren plans to announce this proposal soon and ask the government to consider countermeasures.