China News Service, Lanzhou, August 31 (Reporter Xu Xue) Wearing a red wrapper on her head and holding freshly picked onions from the field, "post-80s" Wei Qiaoling danced generously in the fields. She became famous on the Internet and found a market for the unsalable onions in the village.

  Wei Qiaoling was born in an ordinary farmhouse in Gaolan County, Lanzhou City. When she was a child, she went to work with her parents. When she was resting, she sang and danced in the fields to add fun to the boring work.

  In 2006, after she married to Longkou Village, Shuangwan Town, Jinchuan District, Jinchang City, this habit has not changed.

In order to record her life, she uploaded the dancing video to the Douyin platform. Because she usually deals with Onion, she calls herself "The Onion Girl Who Loves to Dance".

  In 2018, the 80 acres of onions in the family became unsalable. Wei Qiaoling picked up two onions and danced improvisationally during a break in the field, and posted the video on the Internet. What she didn’t expect was this kind of grounding. The field dance became popular, with more than one million views. Some foreign merchants saw the video contacting Wei Qiaoling, and the onion was sold smoothly.

  When the villagers heard about this, they asked Wei Qiaoling for help. The onions in the village were sold out. Wei Qiaoling was also selected by the villagers as the "onion agent" who was responsible for contacting merchants.

Today, onions have been sold to Shandong, Guangxi and other places.

  After being elected as the chairman of the Longkou Village Women’s Federation, Wei Qiaoling led the women in the village to dance together and also established the Longkou Village Dance Team.

"Dancing can not only exercise your body, but also make you feel more comfortable." She said.

  The 70-year-old Nie Huiying in the village lived alone for a long time, which made her a little withdrawn and not talkative.

Wei Qiaoling and volunteers took the initiative to come to help the elderly clean, chat to relieve boredom.

Now, the old man has become much more cheerful.

  “It’s really not easy to get to this point in two years of shooting, especially in the countryside.” This also gave Wei Qiaoling confidence and courage. She will be a new farmer in the new era, and now she is not just burying her head in the fields. You can earn money by working hard, and you can also earn money by trying new ways.

  "Now that e-commerce is developing rapidly, I plan to continue to promote the local products in the village, so that the villagers will join in, change the traditional thinking mode, and increase income and become rich together." Wei Qiaoling said.