The Digital Agency, which will be launched on the 1st, will not only digitize administrative services, but also disclose various data held by the national and local governments to promote their use in the private sector.

With this in mind, companies are actively developing experiments and systems to connect to new services.

Of these, a venture company in Tokyo is conducting an experiment to realize a logistics service using a drone in the city center where buildings are lined up, using 3D 3D map data released as a model project by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.

Although it is open to the public in some cities, we expect that if the number of public data increases with the establishment of the Digital Agency, we will be able to expand the service all over the country.

Daisuke Katano, president of ALI Technologies, said, "Using highly reliable data will lead to the provision of new value such as logistics."

The Digital Agency also aims to standardize national and local systems and facilitate collaboration.

With this in mind, major multifunction device manufacturers have developed a system that allows local governments to share advanced know-how such as online procedures.

Mr. Mikio Beppu, General Manager of DX Promotion Department of Konica Minolta Local Government, said, "I would like to communicate the issues of digitization that local governments have through this system."