CaixaBank plans to carry out the operational integration through the

merger with Bankia

on November 12, a date from which the card contracts of former Bankia customers will be transferred to the consumer finance and payment subsidiary

CaixaBank Payments & Consumer

, with its corresponding changes in the conditions.

The bank reveals this key date in the integration process in a communication addressed to its clients from Bankia, informing them that the products they have contracted will undergo some changes in the conditions as of said integration of the operating systems.

Already in the presentation of results for the first half of the year, the bank announced that Bankia's 'For being you' program would be integrated into CaixaBank's 'Day by Day' program.

In the new communication, to which Europa Press has had access, it is reported that the change will take effect on November 12.

Former Banki customers

will not need to change their card

after said operational integration, but will be able to continue operating normally with Bankia's until it is automatically renewed when its expiration date approaches.

They will have at their disposal the branch network and the more than 13,000 CaixaBank ATMs.

Of course, debit cards

will no longer be free

for linked customers, as CaixaBank charges its customers a maintenance fee of 36 euros for debit cards.

CaixaBank will begin to charge customers from Bankia the maintenance fee for their debit cards

as of January 1, 2022

, although customers who in October 2021 meet the requirements of the current 'For being you' program will not they will have to start paying for them until June 2022, as stated by 'Cinco Días'.

Although debit cards will not be free in any case,

customers from Bankia will be exempt from paying maintenance fees

if they hire the 'MyCard' credit card, which clears payments every two days or as often as the customer chooses , as long as they meet the bonding conditions required by the CaixaBank 'Day by Day' program.

These conditions are

directing a payroll or entering more than 600 euros per month or 6,000 per year

, having a pension of more than 300 euros per month or maintaining a higher balance in investment funds, portfolios, savings insurance or pension plans.

The customer must meet one of the three previous conditions and, in addition, have three or more direct debit receipts or make a minimum of three card purchases each quarter.

In the event that this condition is not met, 'Day to Day' has a quarterly cost of 15 euros.


Customers from Bankia will also have access to the CaixaBankNow app, which will replace Bankia's digital banking, where they can view and manage their cards, as well as authorize electronic commerce operations.

As for purchases in stores via mobile, users will be able to continue making them with CaixaBankNow, although taking into account some considerations as of November 12.

Thus, those who paid using the Apple Pay or Samsung Pay apps should not take any action, as they will be able to continue operating normally with them, although they will need CaixaBankNow to manage their cards and view their movements.

On their side, customers who had mobile payment configured in their Bankia app or in Google Pay, will

have to configure mobile payment again

in the CaixaBankNow application, not being able to use their cards through November 12 said apps.

In the case of users who pay through PayPal, after the integration they will be able to associate their cards and view their movements through the PayPal website and app, and can no longer do so through their digital banking based on the technological integration. .

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