Amazon has just opened on Monday its most important distribution center, in Augny (Moselle).

The 185,000 m2 warehouse is the 8th largest in France, reports France 3 Grand Est.

For the mayor, François Henrion, satisfaction is great after “three years of work for the team of the town hall and the metropolis”.

The city councilor claims to have made the reduction of nuisances a priority in this project and the bet is, according to him, successful.

Concerned residents

Recruitment continues.

The management of Amazon in Metz-Frescaty announced last May the hiring of at least 1,000 permanent contracts in three years.

The offers are available on the site.

But the enthusiasm around this installation is not shared by all.

A local woman interviewed by the regional channel said she was "very angry".

The inhabitants of the area fear the noise, notably with the repeated passage of trucks.

"Normally a truck every 5 minutes should run 7 days a week, 24 hours a day," laments a resident.


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