From the 6th of the next month, the COVID-19 coexistence national subsidy, commonly referred to as the disaster subsidy payment process, will begin.

Reporter Kim Jung-woo will explain in detail the payment standards, how to apply, and where it can be used.


250,000 won per person, the national support for co-prosperity with the corona virus will be paid based on the combined amount of health insurance premiums paid in June by household.

Single-person households receive less than 170,000 won regardless of region or workplace.

Converted to annual income, this is about 58 million won.

A four-person household must have less than 310,000 won for a working member and 350,000 won for a local member. It is calculated as having one more dual-income household member.

[Gogyuchang / Ministry of Public Administration and Security Vice Minister: This year, four-person households 1,000,000 won, 5-person households is 1,250,000 won, 6-person households will be paid proportionally according to the 150 million won be the household]

of from receiving the high net worth household If the total property tax base for last year exceeds 900 million won or financial income exceeds 20 million won, the payment is not eligible.

You can receive the subsidy by any means of credit or debit card, local love gift certificate, or prepaid card.

It can be used in traditional markets, local marts, restaurants and hospitals, and department stores, large marts, large online malls and delivery apps are excluded.

The application for the subsidy starts on the 6th of the following month. In the first week, it operates in a five-part system based on the last digit of the year of birth, and anyone can apply from the second week to October 26, regardless of the day of the week.

The grant can be used for about 4 months until December 31, and the unused balance will be returned to the state and local governments.