Lebanon: the former president of the Order of pharmacists arrested for illegal storage of drugs

In early July, the union of drug importers had already sounded the alarm on stockouts affecting "hundreds" of products needed for the treatment of chronic diseases.

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In Lebanon, a former president of the Order of Pharmacists was detained in the fight against the illegal storage of drugs.

This campaign comes as the country of the Cedar is facing a serious shortage of drugs that is endangering the lives of several hundred patients.


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With our correspondent in Beirut, 

Paul Khalifeh

Rabih Hassouna, a party close to former Prime Minister Saad Hariri, was arrested after a search by the Lebanese army in one of its warehouses in Beirut.

Medicines used in the treatment of cancer were discovered when they could not be found on the market.

The company of the former president of the Order of Pharmacists has denied accusations of illegal storage.


drug shortage 

in Lebanon is endangering the lives of many patients.

Those who are treated for cancer and other chronic diseases are most affected.

Searches of warehouses

Faced with the scale of the problem, a vast campaign to collect and distribute pharmaceutical products was set up on the networks.

At the same time, the Minister of Health, accompanied by police officers, has carried out searches in several regions of the country in recent days.

Dozens of tons of drugs out of stock in pharmacies have been discovered, causing a stir in the country.

The owners of these warehouses are sometimes close to the traditional parties, which further discredits the political class hated by a population that lacks everything.

The drugs seized are sold to pharmacies at a price subsidized by the Banque du Liban, but the shortage persists.

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