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government begins to clamp down on household loans, it seems that getting a loan will become more difficult in the future. After major banks decided to reduce the credit limit to within the annual salary, it became difficult to create negative accounts exceeding 50 million won.

Reporter Im Tae-woo reports.


Recently, KB Kookmin Bank submitted a plan to the Financial Supervisory Service to reduce the loan limit for negative accounts to 50 million won from next month.

Following Woori and Shinhan Bank, which have already been implemented since the beginning of this year, Hana and KB Kookmin Bank are also participating this time, and from next month, negative bank accounts of 50 million won or more will disappear from all five major banks.

If the limit on negative bank accounts, which has been used as an easy loan method for office workers and the self-employed, and guidelines to limit the credit limit to within the annual salary are implemented in earnest, it will be virtually impossible to borrow billions of dollars through credit loans by the end of the year.

The recent surge in credit lending was fueled by concerns that the loan threshold would rise, adding to the last-minute demand.

In particular, during the same period, the negative account balance increased by 7.8 times, and the number of new openings was about 15,000, up 60% from the previous week.

[Sewoon Hwang / Research Fellow, Capital Market Research Institute: Taking a loan and using it as an investment, etc. Therefore, from a conservative point of view as much as possible, the size of the loan should be reduced a little... .]

Banks will raise interest rates on deposits and savings accounts by 0.2 percentage points starting today (30th) when the base rate hike is affected.