The transition period of some over-standard vehicles is coming to an end, the recycling of old vehicles is a problem, and the illegal modification of new vehicles goes online secretly——

  Can the new national standard for electric bicycles solve the "old problems" in safety?

  The "Regulations of Beijing Municipality on the Administration of Non-motorized Vehicles" stipulate that on October 31, the three-year transition period for exceeding the standard electric bicycles will officially end.

At that time, non-compliant electric bicycles will not be allowed on the road and face fines.

  At the same time, the "Work Plan for Recycling and Disposal of Eliminating Excessive Electric Bicycles" announced by Beijing clarified that the "recycling and dismantling" of vehicles is the main channel and the supplementary path is "recycling and dismantling" to guide the speeding up, orderly withdrawal or replacement of excessive electric bicycles into compliance. vehicle.

  Can the new national standard cure the "old problem" of road safety?

Recently, the reporter visited.

  Speed ​​or safety

  Exceeding standard electric bicycles has always been a hidden danger to road safety.

Data show that from 2013 to late August 2018, more than 300,000 non-motor vehicle traffic accidents occurred in Beijing, of which about 187,000 were involving electric bicycles.

To this end, in May 2018, the State Administration for Market Regulation and the National Standards Committee jointly issued the "E-bike Safety Technical Specifications" to replace the original national standard.

The new national standard stipulates that the maximum speed of electric bicycles shall not exceed 25km/h, the nominal voltage of the battery shall not exceed 48V, the weight of the whole vehicle (including battery) shall not exceed 55kg, and it must have pedal riding function.

  For people who commute on electric bicycles every day, the slowdown means longer time on the road.

Car owners whose daily driving distance is less than seven or eight kilometers, such as the elderly picking up children or shopping for vegetables at home, do not require high speed and are less affected.

For other car owners who have long-distance commuting needs, they are reluctant to change cars because of their convenience.

  The reporter saw on the sidewalk near Sanlitun SOHO in Chaoyang District, Beijing, that among the large row of take-out vehicles parked, only a few of the new national-standard vehicles were replaced with white plates, and most of the take-out vehicles still had yellow temporary license plates.

Rider Xiao Yao told reporters that his car can reach a speed of 50km/h, “After changing to a new national standard car, the speed will drop drastically. We calculate the time from the time the order is received. Speed ​​is very important. Maybe we still have to change it in the end. This factor can be taken into consideration in future assessments."

  Used car recycling problem to be solved

  Statistics show that Beijing has issued a total of 2.14 million temporary signs for electric vehicles.

It has been less than 3 months since the end of the transition period. When investigating in various districts in Beijing, the reporter found that recently, various brands of electric bicycle stores have also launched discounts and other activities, attracting many citizens to come and buy.

At the same time, the Beijing Traffic Management Department also cooperated with the Beijing Electric Bicycle Industry Association to select 178 electric bicycle sales stores in the city to set up convenient service points to achieve one-stop car purchase, registration and licensing services.

  According to the regulations, convenience service points are not limited to registering vehicles sold in our store, and electric bicycles of the same brand purchased in other stores can also be registered.

  However, the reporter's investigation found that some convenient service points did not cooperate with the license requirements of people who did not buy cars in this store, and some would urge customers to buy again.

This has resulted in long queues at non-motor vehicle registration stations despite many service points.

  In addition, many stores are indifferent when receiving owners who do not have replacement needs and only want to deal with old cars.

According to industry insiders, there are also some car dealers who collect their cars at low prices and sell them to other places.

It is understood that the transition period in Shenzhen, Chongqing and other places will end in 2022, and the deadline in Kunming, Changsha and other places will be extended to 2023. The one to two years time difference has given businesses an opportunity.

  Illegal modification tests the effectiveness of governance

  The rider Huang believes that he has found a "benefit of both worlds".

Lao Huang is one of the few riders who have changed to the new national standard car. When the reporter asked whether the food delivery slowed down, he smiled mysteriously: "First get the official white card, then change the controller, and it will be done in a few minutes."

  When visiting offline stores, the reporter found that most stores do not provide modification and speed-up services. Only one store said that it can provide operation videos. "The speed of the car can be increased to 40km/h, and the speeding prompt will be eliminated. After buying the car and paying for it, To teach you."

  The reporter searched "Electric Vehicle Speed-up" on Taobao and found dozens of related stores, mainly selling speed-up controllers, and car owners replace them to lift the speed limit. The price is about 50 yuan, and the maximum speed can reach more than twice the speed limit standard.

In the comment area, some netizens left a message: "The new car was like a snail when I first bought it, but it's almost flying now."

  It is understood that the new national standard divides electric vehicles into three types: electric bicycles, electric mopeds and electric motorcycles, and stipulates very clear speed, appearance, weight and other parameter settings for each type of vehicle.

On Taobao, some stores in Beijing sell electric motorcycles as electric bicycles, and they say they can apply for licensing procedures on their behalf.

  The reporter noticed that a 60V voltage and 800W motor power model is already a motorcycle configuration, but it is sold under the label of "new national standard electric bicycle".

The store said: “Bring the original ID card by express, and then pay an additional 150 yuan handling fee. After we have completed the license, we can send the car, certificates, and procedures together.”

  Many people in the industry believe that electric bicycles play an important role in the "last mile" of people's travel.

Under the new national standard, law enforcement agencies must be strict in law enforcement, strengthen supervision and inspection, and eliminate the hidden profit space derived from the replacement of the old and the new. It also requires the concerted efforts of different social entities to tackle the old problems of traffic safety caused by electric bicycle speeding.

  Reporter: Chen Xi