China News Service, Beijing, August 27th (Reporter Liu Yuying) China’s National Internet Information Office on the 27th asked the public for public opinions on the "Internet Information Service Algorithm Recommendation Management Regulations (Consultation Draft)" (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations"). Proposed that algorithms should not be used to control hot searches, etc.

  The "Regulations" pointed out that the application of algorithm recommendation technology refers to the application of algorithm technologies such as generation synthesis, personalized push, sorting and selection, retrieval and filtering, and scheduling and decision-making to provide users with information content.

  The "Regulations" require that algorithm recommendation service providers should strengthen the ecological management of the algorithm recommendation service page, establish a sound manual intervention and user independent selection mechanism, in the first screen of the homepage, hot search, selection, list category, pop-up window and other key links Actively present information content that conforms to the mainstream value orientation.

  The "Regulations" require that algorithm recommendation service providers shall not use algorithms to falsely register accounts, illegal trading accounts, manipulate user accounts, or falsely like, comment, forward, web navigation, etc., to implement traffic fraud and traffic hijacking; they must not use algorithms to block information , Excessive recommendation, manipulation of lists or ranking of search results, control of hot search or selection, etc., interfere with the presentation of information, implement self-preferential treatment, unfair competition, influence online public opinion, or evade supervision.

  The "Regulations" pointed out that algorithm recommendation service providers should provide users with options that are not specific to their personal characteristics, or provide users with convenient options to turn off algorithm recommendation services.

If the user chooses to close the algorithm recommendation service, the algorithm recommendation service provider shall immediately stop providing related services.