China News Service, Beijing, August 27 (Xu Jing Du Yan) The 2021 China International Trade in Services Fair (hereinafter referred to as the "Service Trade Fair") will open on September 2.

This year's Service Trade Fair will set up the first special exhibition on supply chain and business services, including a supply chain service exhibition area and a transportation service exhibition area.

Among them, the transportation service exhibition area will focus on displaying the development results of transportation services.

  The reporter learned from the special media briefing on supply chain and business services held on the 26th that the special exhibition on supply chain and business services will be held in Beijing Shougang Park from September 3rd to 7th.

Rong Jun, deputy director of the Beijing Municipal Commission of Transportation, introduced that the transportation service exhibition area will focus on railways, water transportation, travel services and "Internet +" transportation services with the theme of "Science and Technology Innovation Empowers Sustainable Development of Transportation Services".

The sector has established a "1+2+1" activity model, namely, 1 display area, 2 supporting activities, and 1 interactive experience area to build a transportation and display platform for digital, networked, intelligent, and green transportation services.

  At present, 100% of the exhibition area has completed recruitment, and it has been confirmed that the companies participating in the offline exhibition include CRRC and its 4 subsidiaries in the railway transportation equipment manufacturing industry; the representative companies of the smart port logistics supply chain, including Shandong Port and Liaogang Group, provide Qingdao Ruhai Ship, a smart ship service; Beijing Metro Company, a rail transit operation management system; BAIC Group, a road transport service sector; a smart aviation information technology system expert, the Third Academy of Aerospace Science and Industry, etc.

  In addition, there are new business enterprises including driverless driving and green travel services, including Meituan, Baidu, and AutoNavi.

At the same time, many international organizations and enterprises, including the United Nations Compact Organization and the Dutch RAI International, will also participate in the exhibition.

  Rong Jun said that while demonstrating new technology applications in equipment manufacturing, transportation services, and new concepts and new models in transportation service operation and management, the transportation service exhibition area will also hold the "Carbon Neutrality and Transportation Can" on September 4. "Sustainable Development Forum", inviting leaders from Beijing Municipal Commission of Communications, Academy of Communications, United Nations Global Compact and Beijing Transportation Development Institute to participate in the green transformation and development of transportation under the goals of "carbon neutrality" and "carbon peak". Issue the industry’s high-level technical seminars and exchange of practical experience at home and abroad, and carry out the first carbon intent signing of the Beijing pilot of carbon inclusiveness. The achievement of peak goals is coordinated and exerted.

  Rong Jun also revealed that there will be an interactive area for cycling carbon emission reduction on the exhibition area. Visitors who have completed cycling carbon emission reduction tasks will receive Meituan certification, and a number of interactive question and answer sessions with awards will be set up around carbon emission reduction to promote and guide the public to go green. Travel, reduce emissions, and enhance the exhibition experience. (over)