Following the election of a candidate supported by Japan in the election to decide the secretary-general of the UPU = Universal Postal Union, a related organization of the United Nations, Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications Takeda intends to take further steps to acquire important posts in international organizations. Was shown.

UPU = Universal Postal Union is a United Nations-related organization responsible for creating rules for international mail and logistics. In the election to select the secretary-general held on the 25th, Japan Post's Managing Executive Officer Masahiko Metoki was elected. rice field.

Regarding this, Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications Takeda said at a press conference after the Cabinet meeting, "UPU is becoming more important as international logistics is increasing, and it will greatly contribute to national interests that Mr. Metoki will be the center of rule making." Said.

Regarding the executive posts of UN related organizations, China has increased its presence by taking the top position in multiple organizations, while Japan has not been at the top since 2019, and the government is now involved in acquiring posts. The ministries and agencies were working together to face the election.

In this regard, Minister Takeda said, "It was a tough election campaign, but as a result of the national unity, we were able to achieve the election. We will continue to make use of the knowledge gained this time and continue to be important for international organizations. I would like to make further efforts to acquire posts, "he said, and expressed his intention to make further efforts to acquire important posts from international organizations in order to increase Japan's presence.