The top league of German companies recovered strongly from the onset of the Corona crisis in the second quarter.

The 30 DAX companies have even achieved higher profits and sales than before the pandemic and earned more than ever.

The auditing and consulting company EY justifies the development, among other things, with the fact that the companies were able to charge higher prices for their products and services due to the sharp rise in demand.

This is interesting because the rising prices will not only have a strong impact on the results of Dax companies in the next few quarters.

A two-class society could emerge because there are winners and losers in inflation.

The winners will be companies that have coveted brands and can pass on the increased prices for purchasing raw materials and vendor parts to their customers.

The losers are suppliers who buy their primary products at high prices from suppliers due to a lack of buyer power, but who have to compete for buyers in a competitive sales market with low prices.