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financial authorities have raised the base rate, commercial banks are also reducing their loan limits.

A candidate for the Financial Services Commission, who appeared at the personnel hearing, indicated that a one-time rate hike was not enough.

Correspondent Kim Jung-woo reported.

<Reporter> The

five major commercial banks have decided to limit their credit loans to less than their annual income.

It is only two weeks after the request of the Financial Supervisory Service.

Woori and Shinhan Banks decided to limit the limit from next month, and Internet bank Kakao Bank also applies.

Following NH Nonghyup Bank's complete suspension of new mortgage loans, the government's tightening of loans is in full swing.

Candidate Koh, who advocated for an early rate hike as a member of the Bank of Korea's Monetary Policy Committee before the nomination of candidates, said that additional rate hikes are inevitable.

[Go Seung-beom / Candidate for Financial Services Commission Chairman: Considering the accumulation of financial imbalances, the consequent increase in household debt and price increase in the asset market, it is unlikely that a single increase will result.] The

index interest rate has already risen and the preferential interest rate has been suppressed due to the suppression of household loans. In addition, as it shrunk, the interest rate on household loans by banks rose to the highest level in a year and nine months last month.

As market interest rates are expected to rise further in the future, the interest burden on borrowers is expected to increase.

Candidate Ko also said that short selling, which was partially resumed mainly in large-cap stocks in May, should be completely resumed.

[Seung-beom Ko / Candidate for Financial Services Commission: I think short selling should be expanded basically.] In

the stock market that has entered a correction phase, the remarks to allow complete short selling are likely to act as a destabilizing factor mainly for individual investors. He also said that he would strengthen the monitoring of illegal short selling.

(Video editing: So Ji-hye)