Chinanews Client Beijing, August 27th (Reporter Li Jinlei) Zheng Shuang was chased for tax evasion and fined a total of 299 million yuan. This proves once again that the bottom line of taxation according to law cannot be touched, and whoever crosses the line will be severely punished.

Before the law, there are no celebrities and no exceptions. Everyone is treated the same. No matter how high the popularity and traffic is, they cannot escape legal sanctions.

Only profit is a plan, and if you are lucky, you will pay a painful price.

As a high-income earner, as a public figure, celebrities should take the lead in paying taxes consciously and honestly. They are not justified by lawbreaking at sky-high remuneration and thousands of pets.

  The state has repeatedly ordered the film and television industry to prohibit "sky-price pay" and "yin and yang contract", but Zheng Shuang committed the crime, violated laws and regulations, hit the bottom line of social fairness and justice, and ultimately ruined his own career and future.

If a celebrity with a huge income does not have the correct values, but only thinks about being "satisfied", breaking the law and losing his morals, then the law will be upset, the public will also be upset, and there will be no discussion about being investigated.

  It is worth noting that at present, individual practitioners in the film and television industry use new methods to evade taxes and use "legal" coats to cover up their illegal activities. Therefore, this also warns film and television practitioners that no matter how new methods are used to evade taxes, they will be severely punished.

  A lesson from the past, a lesson from the future, racking my brains to evade taxes, crooked ways are ultimately a dead end.

Tax evasion was a good one for a while, and the punishment was more than two tears, and it didn't end well in the end.

  As a high-income movie star, you should not fall into the eyes of money, but should abide by the law, know the bottom line, be in awe, stand up for self-cultivation, demand yourself with higher standards, and give more to the society. This is the right way.