Apple makes concessions in a dispute with app developers about its actions in the distribution of apps for iPhones and iPads.

The electronics company has now agreed to a comparison.

The agreement provides, among other things, that Apple set up a fund of 100 million dollars to support smaller app developers, and there should be changes to the rules in the app store.

Developers will therefore be able to inform their users about payment options outside of iPhone apps in the future.

The group is facing a series of disputes and increased pressure from regulators and politicians because of the business practices in its app store.

The comparison is intended to resolve a conflict.

However, Apple does not go nearly as far in the agreement as many critics would like.

Developers are still not allowed to advertise other payment options within the iPhone apps, as has often been demanded, but only in other ways such as email.

The comparison will also not allow users to download apps onto their iPhones outside of the app store.

"A big thing"

The reactions were divided accordingly. Apple said app developers would now get "even more flexibility". The lawyer Steve Berman, who represented the developers, spoke of "significant improvements", one of the plaintiffs called the settlement "a big deal". On the other hand, Tim Sweeney, CEO of the video game manufacturer Epic Games, who filed a lawsuit about a year ago because of the practices in the app store, which led to a process a few months ago, was unimpressed. Sweeney tweeted that Epic will "keep fighting".

The Coalition for App Fairness, a network of Epic and other developers, called the comparison a "hoax", it was about "empty gestures".

American Senator Amy Klobuchar called the deal a "good first step," but Apple still needs to do more to address competition concerns.

Klobuchar and several other senators recently tabled a bill that would force Apple and other app store vendors like Google to make major changes to business models.

The settlement would settle a lawsuit filed in 2019.

It has to be approved by the responsible judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers, who also has to pass the verdict in the dispute between Apple and Epic.

It is unclear to what extent the agreement that has now been announced could have an impact on this.