Consumer organizations

have mobilized to guarantee the rights of passengers

after the Italian airline Alitalia announced yesterday that it will cease operations from October 15.

The airline was bankrupt and despite attempts by the Italian government to attract investors and save it, it had to announce the closure.

As of mid-October, it will stop operating and has canceled scheduled flights


According to

Il corriere della sera


there are 250,000 affected, who had purchased flights.

The Italian Government has established a public economic fund of up to 100 million euros for the payment of ticket refunds for this airline.

The consumer organization Facua

has asked that, in this process, the rights of passengers be guaranteed.

The organization recalls that those affected by the closure have the right to have the company relocate them on other flights or provide alternative means of transportation.

They can also ask you to refund the amount of your tickets.

Alitalia also offers to change the destination to travel before October 5, although the passenger will have to pay the difference in the price of the ticket, if it is more expensive.

If the passenger chooses to go to their destination by alternative transport

(train, for example) and arrives more than three hours late with respect to the scheduled time on the Alitalia flight, they must be rewarded with between 125 and 600 euros, depending on the type of flight, they remember in Facua.

If the flights were contracted through travel agencies, they

are the ones that must take care of the relocation on other flights.

From they explain that travelers who have initiated a previous claim for delay or cancellation, will have to wait until September, when the Italian Government will clarify the procedure to follow in order to obtain refunds in case Alitalia cannot afford them.

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