China Railway Bridge Bureau Group Co., Ltd. announced on August 27 that with the completion of the erection of the last bridge deck, the Padma Bridge in Bangladesh contracted by the Bureau was officially opened.

  Padma Bridge is located about 40 kilometers southwest of Dhaka, Bangladesh, across the Padma River.

The bridge is a road-rail bridge. The main bridge is 6.15 kilometers long and adopts a double-layer steel truss girder structure. The upper layer is a four-lane highway and the lower layer is a single-track railway.

  According to reports, after the completion of the Padma Bridge, the 21 districts in southwestern Bangladesh and the capital Dhaka will be connected. The original 7-8 hours of crossing the river between the two places can be shortened to 10 minutes. There are thousands of residents in the two places. The past years of relying on ferry transportation will come to an end, benefiting more than 80 million people.

  (Produced by Zhan Chuanguo, Zou Hao)

Editor in charge: [Ji Xiang]