The five major commercial banks have accepted the recommendations of the financial authorities and are actually regulating loans that limit credit loans up to the annual salary limit.

According to the financial industry today (27th), Woori Bank has set a policy to limit household credit loans to 'within annual income' and is preparing to implement it in September.

Shinhan Bank also plans to reduce the limit of all credit loan products to annual income from September.

However, a date for the first application of the regulation has not yet been set.

KB Kookmin Bank is also planning to enter into regulation of 'credit loan with limited salary' soon.

A KB Kookmin Bank official said, "As it is a recommendation at the level of oral guidance from the authorities, we are considering it in a direction to accept and implement it."

Earlier, the Financial Supervisory Service (FSS) requested a lower personal limit for credit loans, such as negative bankbooks, to the annual income level at a meeting with credit executives of commercial banks on the 13th.

Afterwards, following the banking sector, the savings banking industry ordered the same level of credit and loan management.

In addition, the Financial Supervisory Service instructed commercial banks to submit plans by today detailing how to manage the limit of each credit loan product.

Accordingly, KB Kookmin, Shinhan, and Woori Bank have submitted or are planning to submit a policy to reduce the limit of most credit loan products to the annual salary level, except for special cases such as small credit loans for financial support.

Among the five major banks, NH Nonghyup Bank, which received a 'warning' from the authorities because of the highest increase in household loans this year, has raised the maximum new credit loan limit from 200 million won to '100 million won or less, 100% of annual income. reduced to '.

Hana Bank has already begun to apply regulations that limit personal credit loans to within the annual income and reduce the limit of negative bankbook loans to a maximum of 50 million won per person.

In the case of Woori Bank, since the beginning of the year, the limit on major negative bankbook loans has been limited to 50 million won.