On August 24, Ziguang Guowei announced its 2021 interim results.

In the first half of 2021, Ziguang Guowei achieved sustained and high-speed growth in operating performance, with a substantial increase in net profit, and entered a stage of high-quality development.

During the reporting period, the company achieved revenue of 2.292 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 56.54%; net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 876 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 117.84%.

  The announcement shows that the smart security chip business is actively expanding the innovative market, with new breakthroughs in the fields of telecommunications SIM cards, financial payments, and automotive electronics.

The application fields and customers of the special integrated circuit business have continued to expand, maintaining a rapid growth in the scale of revenue and profits.

The semiconductor power device business has further increased its market share in the fields of high-power power supply, industrial control, and motor control.

The crystal frequency device business vigorously explored 5G, Internet of Things, automotive electronics, medical equipment and other markets, achieving a year-on-year increase of 49.60% in sales revenue.

  The rapid growth of Ziguang Guowei's performance has largely benefited from continuous R&D investment.

In recent years, the company has continued to carry out important technological breakthroughs in the chip field, with continuous breakthroughs in core chip technologies such as high-end security chips, new special integrated circuits, miniaturization/high-frequency crystal oscillators, and super-junction MOSFETs.

During the reporting period, the company invested 338 million yuan in research and development, a year-on-year increase of 62.65%.

Special microprocessors and supporting chipset products continue to be launched, gaining mass applications in important embedded fields; layout third-generation semiconductors, relying on SiC SBD/MOSFET products and GaN devices to achieve application breakthroughs in the fields of industrial power supplies and fast charging; The construction of the project "Transformation of Scientific and Technological Achievements in Research and Development of Miniaturized OCXO and Special IC for 5G Communication Equipment" was completed, and the production lines of other projects went smoothly.

  From the overall layout, Ziguang Guowei's "super financial core" ecological territory is gradually opened, and the security chip operating system "Linkai" with independent intellectual property rights developed in conjunction with Jinbangda is released; the sales of bank cards and payment terminal products in overseas markets continue to grow ; Financial payment security products support a variety of digital payment solutions to provide support for new financial payment applications.

The "Super Car Core" car-level security chip solution has been imported into many well-known car companies and realized batch supply; it has reached a strategic cooperation with the China Automobile Center to carry out the innovation and application of cutting-edge technologies in the field of automotive chips.

The overseas launch of the super SIM card has opened up the globalization process, and supported customers to win the bid for the 111.4 million super card product centralized procurement project of China Mobile to meet the needs of innovative applications such as 5G, digital payment, and digital identity.

  In addition, under the high market value and the expected growth, Ziguang Guowei has also made breakthroughs in capital operation. The company’s 1.5 billion convertible bonds have been successfully issued. Fundraising is mainly used for the research and development of new high-end security chips and automotive controller chips. Industrialization project. Starting from the needs of emerging markets such as the Internet of Things, 5G, cloud computing, and big data, Ziguang Guowei has upgraded its security chip business. Faced with the development trend of "intelligence, networking, and electrification" in the automotive industry, Ziguang Guowei started the research and development of on-board controller chips to meet the growing market demand for automotive-grade MCUs. While cultivating the first growth curve and continuously developing the second growth curve, Ziguang Guowei is expected to achieve long-term development and a win-win situation of sharing development dividends with investors.