The Boeing 737 MAX is allowed to fly again in India after almost 2.5 years.

Aviation regulator DGCA lifted the flight ban for those aircraft after aircraft manufacturer Boeing had made adjustments to the aircraft.

Of the major markets, the American group is now only waiting for Chinese approval to put the aircraft back into service.

India imposed a no-fly zone in March 2019 after a second fatal accident involving a 737 MAX in a short time.

Hundreds of people were killed in the crashes in Indonesia and Ethiopia.

The cause turned out to be a flight assistance system that pushed the nose of aircraft down at the wrong times.

The United States, Canada and the European Union, among others, already decided to let the 737 MAX fly again.

The DGCA points out that seventeen regulators worldwide allow this and that the aircraft have already made many flying hours without any problems.

Boeing's European rival Airbus is the largest player in the Indian market. Boeing is in talks with a new airline in the country, which wants to buy up to eighty aircraft. Boeing predicts that more than 2,200 new aircraft will be needed in India over the next 20 years.