In order to strengthen measures against so-called money laundering such as illegal money transfer and money laundering overseas, the Financial Services Agency will work with the Bank of Japan to embark on an intensive inspection targeting a wide range of financial institutions such as local banks and insurance companies. became.

Money laundering is an act of moving funds obtained from crimes between financial institutions to make them appear legal, and it is said that it will lead not only to domestic criminal organizations but also to terrorist organizations as a source of funds. Strengthening has become an international issue.

Under these circumstances, the Financial Services Agency is about to embark on an intensive inspection of anti-money laundering measures by domestic financial institutions.

In order to inspect a wide range of financial institutions such as regional banks and insurance companies, we will strengthen our posture in cooperation with the Bank of Japan.

In the inspection, we will check whether the mechanism for verifying the identity of the user and finding out suspicious transactions is appropriate, and if any deficiencies are found, we will issue an order to the financial institution to report or improve.

The FATF = Financial Action Task Force, an international organization, is investigating anti-money laundering measures at Japanese financial institutions, and the results are expected to be announced soon.