After the fire in the Var which devastated nearly 7,000 hectares in the Massif des Maures, the Marseille shipowner, world leader in maritime transport announced on Thursday a donation of one million euros.

This donation will be paid to a regional fund which brings together forest owners and public and private funders in the framework of the preservation of regional forest areas, announced the CMA-CGM in a press release.

Species of the future adapted to climate change

The company thus intends to finance "a comprehensive plan for the restoration of the environment and biodiversity in three stages".

As a first step, a post-fire diagnosis will make it possible to assess the damage and establish a fire rehabilitation and prevention strategy.

Soil safety will follow to prevent erosion and the installation of animal shelters.

Finally, replanting will be considered within two to three years, with species present before the fire but also some "future", adapted to climate change, continues the Marseille shipowner who achieved a figure in 2020. business of $ 31.4 billion for just over $ 6 billion in pre-tax profits.


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