On August 25th, the 2021 South Asian and Southeast Asian Nations Commodity Exhibition and Investment and Trade Fair (referred to as the "2021 Business Fair") online exhibition was launched in Kunming.

With the theme of "New Opportunities, New Developments" in the 2021 Business Fair, all offline exhibitions were cancelled due to the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, and some of the original offline exhibitions were held through the "China Southern Expo Digital Platform".

  At the launching ceremony, the participants learned about the latest progress of China-Laos railway construction through video connection, and jointly witnessed the first launch of the trial train at Lincang Station of the new China-Myanmar corridor, the pilot project for regionalized management of cross-border animal diseases, and the China-Laos international freight train. Provincial operation platform signed a contract.

  According to the organizer, as of August 23, there were 27,929 registered exhibitors and 11,693 registered purchasers on the “Digital Platform of China Southern Expo”.

The organizer provides free online booths for various exhibitors through the online platform, and provides services such as online exhibition display, conference negotiation, online live broadcast, electronic signing, and smart matching.

The Consul General of Vietnam in Kunming and the Consul General of Myanmar in Kunming will also broadcast live "carrying goods".

  (Reporter Du Xiaoxiao)

Editor in charge: [Ji Xiang]