Covid: hit by a 4th wave, Israel puts all its hopes in the 3rd dose of the vaccine

The fourth wave of Covid-19 hits Israel head-on.


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Israel, a country considered to be the best vaccinated in the world, is hard hit by Covid-19.

Health authorities are placing all their hopes in the third dose of the vaccine deemed essential to achieve a form of collective immunity.


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With our correspondent in Jerusalem,

Michel Paul

Nearly 10,000 daily infections for two days, a positivity rate that exceeds 6.5%: the fourth wave of Covid-19 hits Israel head-on.

Since the start of the pandemic, one in nine Israelis has been affected by the virus.

The only good news: the number of serious patients remains stable and the reproduction factor continues to decline, which seems to mean that the peak of the attack of the Delta variant is approaching.


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A 3rd dose would protect ten times more

To speed up the process, health authorities lowered to 30 this Wednesday the minimum age to receive the third dose of Pfizer vaccine.

More than 1.5 million Israelis have already received this new injection.

According to data from the Israeli Ministry of Health, those who received it are 10 times more protected against the coronavirus than people who received only the first two.

In the meantime, the return to school on September 1 is in doubt despite the government green light.

A campaign of serological tests for children aged 3 to 12, launched at the beginning of the week with great noise, has practically been abandoned because of its poor results.

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