The Court of Instruction Number 15 of Madrid, in charge of the investigations of the 'Plus Ultra case', has asked the Prosecutor's Office, the State Attorney, Vox and those investigated in the procedure to rule on the proposal of the PP of "agree to the constitution of a movable mortgage on the aircraft or aircraft that the airline may have in its assets".

In an order of August 18, advanced by Vozpópuli and to which Europa Press has had access, Judge

Antonio Serrano-Arnal

- acting as guardian in the absence of Judge Esperanza Collazos - has transferred to the parties so that submit their allegations within 10 days.

The Popular Party, which exercises popular accusation in the case, presented a letter to the court on August 11 to request, as a precautionary measure, that

a movable mortgage be agreed

on the Plus Ultra aircraft in order to avoid damage patrimonial to the State.

Due to this, the judge has considered it pertinent to consult the rest of the parties in the procedure.

The resolution takes place after on August 9 the acting magistrate,

Jaime Serret,

agreed to

unblock the payment of 34 million euros

that corresponded to the second tranche of the rescue to Plus Ultra.

The decision was appealed by


, which also serves as a popular accusation.


The judge considered that the suspension of the delivery of the participative loan could "suppose the risk of definitive insolvency" of the airline, which would force it to stop operating and would create "a loss to the passengers who have paid in advance".

On that occasion, the court assured that although "there has not yet been any damage to the Administration", the "hypothesis of having delivered these loans to a companies in crisis without any possibility" of repaying the amounts acquired is being investigated.

He also pointed out that for now "there are no objective indications" of the crime of fraud in obtaining public aid or bribery or influence peddling, "except for the allegations of popular accusations."

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