As the movement to refrain from going out is spreading due to the influence of the new coronavirus, it was found that the sales of mail-order sales in Japan last year (FY2020) increased by more than 20% from the previous year and exceeded 10 trillion yen for the first time.

According to the Japan Mail Order Association, which is made up of mail-order businesses via the Internet and telephone, last year's mail-order sales of 820 companies in Japan were 10.63 trillion yen, an increase of 20.1% from the previous year, a significant increase. have become.

This is because transactions via mail-order sites such as Amazon and Rakuten continued to be strong, and with the spread of infection with the new corona, the movement to refrain from going out and the spread of working from home are spreading, so-called "nest-filled consumption", such as food and food. The main factor was strong sales of home appliances and furniture.

This is the first time that domestic mail-order sales have exceeded 10 trillion yen since 1982, when statistics were first collected, and the sales have expanded to a scale comparable to last year's sales of seven major convenience stores. rice field.

Toru Manba, Managing Director of the Japan Mail Order Association, said, "Not only did the number of users increase, but the number of new businesses entering the market triggered by the new Corona also increased overall sales. The influence of Corona continues. In the meantime, sales this year are steadily increasing. "