China News Agency, Beijing, August 23 (Reporter Liu Liang) The Ministry of Commerce of China introduced on the 23rd that China has become the world's second largest consumer market and the largest trading country, and it ranks among the top in the world in the use of foreign investment and foreign investment.

  Chinese Minister of Commerce Wang Wentao pointed out at the press conference held on the same day that China has made historic achievements in business in recent years. China has become the world's second largest consumer market after the United States. Its status as a major economic and trade power has been further consolidated and its economic and trade power has been established. The pace is accelerating.

  He pointed out that consumption is an important engine of economic growth.

In terms of scale, from 2012 to 2020, China's total retail sales of consumer goods will increase from 20.6 trillion yuan (RMB, the same below) to 39.2 trillion yuan, an average annual increase of about 8.4%.

From the structural point of view, the people's consumption level and quality of life have also been significantly improved, with 121 color TVs, 102 refrigerators, and 254 mobile phones per 100 households.

Service consumption has grown rapidly. Although it was the most affected last year, it also accounted for 50.1%.

  He said that as people's living standards continue to improve, the pace of consumption upgrades continues to accelerate, various consumption hotspots such as digital, culture, tourism, health, etc. are emerging in an endless stream, and new forms of consumption, new models, and new scenes are constantly innovating.

In order to comply with the consumption situation, the Ministry of Commerce will do the following tasks.

  One is to improve the traditional consumption level.

Home appliances, furniture, automobiles, and catering are the “four kings” of consumption.

In this regard, it will promote the transformation of automobile purchase management to use management, especially the expansion of second-hand automobile circulation; encourage the recycling of home appliances and furniture in qualified areas, and trade in old; support the catering industry to innovate business models, improve service quality, and further expand catering consumption ; Do a good job in the inheritance and innovation of time-honored brands and brand consumption.

  The second is to accelerate the cultivation of new types of consumption.

The epidemic has given birth to some new consumption models based on online consumption. It is necessary to accelerate the cultivation of new types of consumption, including new business models and new models such as smart stores, contactless delivery, and home-based services.

At the same time, traditional circulation companies are encouraged to create new immersive, experiential and interactive consumption scenarios.

  The third is to build a consumption upgrade platform.

Through the innovative development of consumption platforms and the combination of "points, lines and surfaces", the expansion of consumption is combined with the improvement of people's quality of life, and the five cities of Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Tianjin and Chongqing are built into international consumption centers.

At the same time, high-quality promotion of the transformation and upgrading of pedestrian streets, the development of characteristic business districts and characteristic neighborhoods.

  Wang Wentao revealed that in the next step, the Ministry of Commerce will take a series of consumption promotion activities and consumption policy measures based on the prevention and control of the epidemic and take into account the characteristics of consumption to promote the promotion of “prospering the city with festivals, thriving business with festivals, and gathering together. To better meet the multi-level and diversified consumer demand, follow the trend to promote the improvement of consumption structure and energy level. (over)