Join hands to build a China-Arab community of shared future for the new era

  On August 19, the Fifth China-Arab Expo with the theme of "deepening economic and trade cooperation and jointly building the'Belt and Road'" opened in Yinchuan, Ningxia.

President Xi Jinping sent a congratulatory letter.

Guests from Arab countries, experts and scholars from Arab countries interviewed by our reporter all said that President Xi Jinping’s congratulatory letter fully reflects China’s great importance to the development of China-Arab strategic partnership and demonstrates that China and Arab countries are seeking cooperation and development. , To jointly promote peaceful development, achieve mutual benefit and win-win, high-quality joint construction of the "Belt and Road", and a firm determination to jointly build a China-Arab community with a shared future for the new era.

  "Co-building the Belt and Road Initiative brings new opportunities for economic and trade cooperation to countries along the route"

  Faced with the global challenges brought about by the century of change and the epidemic situation of the century, China-Arab cooperation did not press the “pause button”, but showed strong resilience and vigorous vitality.

President Xi Jinping pointed out that in recent years, China and Arab countries have continuously strengthened strategic coordination and action alignment, and the joint construction of the “Belt and Road” cooperation has achieved fruitful results. China has continued to maintain its position as the largest trading partner of Arab countries.

  In the first half of this year, the bilateral trade volume between China and Afghanistan reached 144.27 billion U.S. dollars, a year-on-year increase of 25.7%.

"Arab and China are natural partners in the joint construction of the'Belt and Road'. China has signed the'Belt and Road' cooperation documents with 19 Arab countries and the Arab League. The congratulatory letter from President Xi Jinping points out the direction for the future development of the Arab-Chinese strategic partnership. "Professor Mohammed bin Abdulaziz Altawim of King's University in Saudi Arabia said that the Chinese government attaches great importance to the traditional friendship between Afghanistan and China.

"The traditional friendship between the Afghan and China people has become stronger over time. The joint construction of the'Belt and Road' provides a good opportunity to enhance the friendship between Afghan and China in the new era."

  "Morocco and China signed a memorandum of understanding on the joint construction of the'Belt and Road' in 2017. In recent years, thanks to the joint construction of the'Belt and Road', Morocco has made significant development achievements in infrastructure construction." Moroccan Prime Minister Saduddin Oss Manny said in a video speech at the opening ceremony of the China-Arab States Expo.

  Tunisian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Immigration and Nationality, Osman Gerandi, said: “The joint construction of the Belt and Road will bring new opportunities for economic and trade cooperation to countries along the route. Since the establishment of the China-Arab States Cooperation Forum in 2004, Tunisia has been actively participating in various cooperation within the framework of the forum. We are willing to continue to work hard to promote cooperation between the two sides in various fields."

  “The China-Arab Expo will further strengthen the cooperation between Arab and Chinese enterprises and non-governmental exchanges in a pragmatic and innovative form, inject development impetus for both sides, bring tangible common interests, and at the same time contribute to the high-quality joint construction of the “Belt and Road” between Arab countries and China. To lead and demonstrate.” Nasser Bushiba, chairman of the Morocco-Africa-China Cooperation and Development Association, said that the China-Arab Expo is becoming an effective, useful and beneficial platform for cooperation, promoting high-level exchanges, experience sharing, and business opportunity discovery between Arab countries and China. Play an increasingly important role.

  “At present, the relationship between Afghanistan and China is moving forward steadily and continues to be full of vigor and vitality.” The chairman of the Saudi Arabia-China Business Council and the vice chairman of the Ajilan Brothers Holding Group, Mohamed Al Ajilan, said that in recent years, the relationship between Afghanistan and China has continued to grow. Good development has achieved fruitful results.

"Take Saudi-China relations as an example. Bilateral economic and trade cooperation has achieved leapfrog development. China has become Saudi Arabia's largest trading nation, and Saudi Arabia is also China's largest trading partner in West Asia."

  "With practical actions to interpret the rich connotations of the Arab-Chinese strategic partnership"

  President Xi Jinping pointed out that in the face of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, China and Arab countries have joined hands to fight the epidemic, setting a model of mutual assistance and mutual assistance.

It is reported that China has assisted and exported nearly 100 million doses of Chinese vaccines to Arab countries, and has carried out joint bottling production cooperation with the UAE, Egypt and other countries, and has strongly supported Arab countries in fighting the epidemic.

  "Tunisia appreciates the efforts made by the two sides to fight the epidemic together. Thank you for China's support to Arab countries in terms of anti-epidemic experience sharing, vaccines and medical supplies assistance. The international community should unite and work together to reduce the impact of the epidemic, and at the same time strengthen Coordination to promote economic recovery and growth." Osman Gerandi said.

  "China is actively helping Saudi Arabia to fight the epidemic, providing Saudi Arabia with anti-epidemic material assistance and dispatching anti-epidemic medical experts to facilitate Saudi Arabia's procurement of materials in China. Chinese companies and the Saudi government have signed a new crown virus detection cooperation agreement to help Saudi Arabia build 6 Large-scale laboratories have steadily improved their virus detection capabilities. In addition, the two sides have also carried out in-depth vaccine cooperation." Aguilan said: "Saudi Arabia and China have interpreted the rich connotations of the Arab-Chinese strategic partnership with practical actions."

  Bushba said that China actively advocates and promotes the international community to strengthen cooperation in the fight against the epidemic, and Chinese vaccines have played a pivotal role in the fight against the epidemic in Arab countries.

"At present, Algeria and China focus on economic and trade cooperation, promoting exchanges, enhancing understanding, and achieving cooperation through the China-Arab States Expo, setting an example for the world and bringing confidence to the revitalization of the world economy."

  Val Yasen, director of the Middle East “Belt and Road” Research Center, who has participated in the China-Arab Expo many times, said: “The holding of the fifth China-Arab Expo highlights the friendship between Algeria and China to help each other and overcome difficulties together, and has passed on to the international community. Confidence and strength. I believe this Expo will further promote exchanges and cooperation between the two sides."

  "It is particularly important to promote the continuous development of Arab-Chinese relations"

  "The concept of building a community with a shared future for mankind proposed by President Xi Jinping provides a solution for Arab countries to achieve common prosperity and development," said Mohamed Qatani, senior vice president of Saudi Arabia's National Petroleum Corporation.

  "The foundation of Arab-Chinese economic and trade cooperation is the mutual support between the two sides at the political and diplomatic levels." Saduddin Osmani said that China and Arab countries are highly complementary in economy and have broad prospects for cooperation, which strongly promotes the practical cooperation between the two sides. Continuous development on the basis of mutual benefit and win-win results.

"Under the current international situation, it is particularly important for the two sides to deepen economic and trade cooperation, strengthen political mutual trust, and promote the continuous development of Arab-Chinese relations."

  Since the establishment of the strategic partnership between China and Arab states in 2018, the two sides have increasingly strengthened political mutual trust, firmly supported each other on issues involving each other’s core interests and major concerns, and worked closely in international and regional affairs to jointly safeguard the interests of developing countries.

  "In recent years, China and Arab countries have continuously strengthened strategic coordination and action coordination, and jointly promoted high-quality cooperation with Arab countries." The Turkish "New Dawn" website stated: "I believe that China's continuous promotion of cooperation with Arab countries will promote common Development provides an important opportunity to promote the recovery and growth of the global economy, and relations between Afghanistan and China will continue to deepen over time."

  "China has become the largest trading partner and foreign investor of many Arab countries. In response to climate change, vigorously developing renewable energy has become a global trend, and this trend is also a good opportunity to deepen energy cooperation between the UAE and China." Director of the Energy Authority of Abu Dhabi, UAE Avida Murshid Ali Murshid Maral said: "We continue to innovate ways to achieve economic diversification and climate goals. In this regard, China has always been a trusted strategic partner."

Our reporter Liu Feng, Zhou Yu, Han Xiaoming, Shen Xiaoxiao