“All kinds of resolutions on counteracting Nord Stream 2 on the part of the EP were adopted in batches, a lot of them have accumulated and they do not oblige anyone to anything,” the expert said.

He added that these declarations have no legal force.

“That is why they are so easily accepted, because the MEPs do not bear any responsibility for these papers, and their papers do not affect Nord Stream 2, the declarations do not affect.

These are MPs who are simply gaining political points.

The topic of opposition to Russia and Nord Stream 2 is popular in Europe and they are trying to work for their electorate, ”the expert said.

MEP from Poland Anna Fotyga recalled the need to oppose the commissioning of Nord Stream 2.

She also noted another key factor that causes concern in the situation with the SP-2 - the "negative impact" of the Russian gas pipeline, including on the security of energy supplies to the EU, member states and associated partners.