, August 20. According to the China Government Network, the General Office of the State Council recently issued the "Opinions on Accelerating the Construction of Rural Delivery and Logistics System."

The "Opinions" proposed that by 2025, a rural delivery logistics system that is open to benefit the people, intensively shared, safe and efficient, and two-way unimpeded will be basically formed, so as to realize that there are outlets in the townships, villages and villages, and agricultural products can be shipped and consumer goods can be imported. Rural delivery logistics supply capacity and service quality have been significantly improved, and delivery services for the convenience and benefits of the people are basically covered.

  The "Opinions" proposed that the postal network's basic supporting role in remote areas should be used to encourage postal express companies to integrate terminal delivery resources to meet the basic delivery needs of people in remote areas.

Support postal enterprises to participate fairly in the competition in the rural delivery service market, and provide rural e-commerce with integrated delivery, warehousing, and financial services in a market-oriented manner.

  In addition, coordinate delivery and logistics resources in rural areas, encourage logistics platforms such as post, express, transportation, supply and marketing, and commercial circulation to adopt multiple methods to cooperate and share terminal distribution networks, accelerate the promotion of a common delivery model for rural delivery and logistics, and effectively reduce rural terminal delivery costs.

  The "Opinions" also proposed to strengthen the integrated development of rural delivery logistics, rural e-commerce, and transportation.

Continue to play the role of postal express delivery service as the main channel for rural e-commerce, promote transportation intensification, equipment standardization, and process informationization. By the end of June 2022, 100 rural e-commerce express delivery demonstration areas will be built across the country to promote the improvement of delivery logistics to rural areas. E-commerce's customized service capabilities.

Encourage all regions to further promote the construction of the "four good rural roads" and the integration of urban and rural transportation, rationally allocate urban and rural transportation resources, improve the rural passenger shuttle bus transport mail express cooperation mechanism, and promote rural logistics service brands.

  The "Opinions" mentioned that postal express companies, supply and marketing cooperatives and other social capital are encouraged to cooperate in the agricultural field market to build facilities such as pre-cooling preservation, low-temperature sorting, and cold storage to shorten circulation time, reduce product losses, and improve the efficiency and efficiency of agricultural product circulation. benefit.

Guide and support postal express companies to rely on express logistics parks to build cold chain storage facilities, increase cold chain transportation vehicles, improve terminal cold chain distribution capabilities, and gradually establish a cold chain delivery logistics system covering all links of production and circulation.

Support industry associations to formulate and promote e-commerce express cold chain service standards and specifications, and improve the safety supervision of cold chain delivery.

Postal express companies participating in the construction of cold chain logistics bases can enjoy relevant support policies as required.

  The "Opinions" require that the project of "express delivery into the village" be promoted by classification.

In the eastern and central rural areas, better play the decisive role of the market in allocating resources, and guide enterprises to improve the service level of "express delivery into the village" through the establishment of locations in villages and enterprise cooperation.

In the western rural areas, the government should better play its role in promoting, guide and encourage enterprises to take advantage of the postal and transportation infrastructure network, and focus on multi-party cooperation between postal and express delivery, transportation, supply and marketing, and give full play to the basic role of postal services in rural terminal delivery. Expand the coverage of "express delivery into the village".

Guide express delivery companies to improve the distribution and incentive mechanism in line with rural reality, implement the responsibilities of the express company headquarters, protect the legitimate rights and interests of employees, and ensure the sustainable operation of the rural express delivery network.

  The "Opinions" clarified that the upward development mechanism of agricultural products should be improved.

Encourage and support rural delivery and logistics enterprises based on county-level characteristic agricultural products and the development needs of modern agriculture, actively connect with family farms, farmer cooperatives, and leading agricultural industrialization enterprises, provide professional supply chain delivery services for agricultural products, and promote "Internet +" agricultural products out of the village city.

Give full play to the leading role of rural postal express network (station), build 300 express service modern agricultural demonstration projects by the end of June 2022, focus on supporting the development and growth of rural characteristic industries in poverty alleviation areas, help local agricultural products export, and consolidate and expand the achievements of poverty alleviation.

  The "Opinions" also put forward relevant requirements on speeding up the shortcomings of rural delivery logistics infrastructure and continuing to deepen the reform of "decentralization, management and service" in the delivery area.

The "Opinions" put forward that it is necessary to guide the headquarters of express delivery companies to increase investment in rural delivery networks, regulate the management of rural delivery outlets, and ensure stable operation of the outlets.

Strengthen delivery and logistics service supervision and transportation safety management, improve consumer complaints and appeal mechanisms, investigate and deal with non-delivery to the agreed address and illegal charges in accordance with the law, promote fair competition, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of the people.