Tesla boss Elon Musk has announced the development of a humanoid robot called "Tesla".

A prototype is expected to be available in the coming year, said Musk on Thursday (local time) on Tesla's "AI Day" - the "Artificial Intelligence Day" (AI).

"It should of course be friendly, be able to navigate through a world built for people and eliminate dangerous, repetitive and boring work." It will also be constructed in such a way that it is not particularly fast.

"You will be able to run away from him."

According to Musk, the Tesla bot will be around 177 centimeters tall and weigh 57 kilograms. "It has some kind of screen on the head for useful information, but otherwise it is basically equipped with an autopilot system," said the entrepreneur. The Tesla robot will be equipped with eight cameras and a fully-fledged self-driving computer and use the same tools that Tesla uses in the car. “The most difficult thing about a useful humanoid robot is that it cannot navigate the world without being specifically trained.” But that has to work line by line without explicit instructions. "You can talk to him and say," Please take this screw and fasten it to the car with the wrench, "and he should be able to do that."

The use of human robots will have far-reaching consequences, Musk predicted. “In the future, physical work will be an option. If you want to do it, you can do it, but you don't have to do it. ”Obviously, this has profound economic implications, because if you consider that the economy is at its most basic level of work, then there may not really be any real ones Limits for the economy more.

Tesla is known for announcing major technical innovations at a very early stage of development and for bringing systems live that are not yet considered marketable by other companies. This also applies to the self-drive option in Tesla's “Autopilot” driver assistance system, which has come under fire after a series of rear-end collisions. It is criticized that the name “autopilot” is an exaggeration that invites negligent use. Tesla even calls the next stage of the program “full self-driving”, although according to the criteria common in the industry it remains just an assistance system.