Europe 1 Studio 8:00 a.m., August 20, 2021

LA FRANCE BOUGE - How to take the plunge without harming your family life?

How to involve your loved ones in your change of activity?

Discover the three tips of Adèle Galey, co-founder of the Ticket For Change organization, in the special program La France Bouge "Et si on changer de vie" on Europe 1.


A retraining not only impacts your professional life, it can also affect your relationships with those close to you.

Rest assured, a change of activity and family development are totally reconcilable.


La France Bouge special "Et si we change de vie"

, Adèle Galey, co-founder of the Ticket For Change organization, offers you her advice to maintain a balance between professional and family life. 

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What if we changed our life

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Set the rules of the game 

"When you change your life and have a family, of course that also impacts them. It is a period of transition, where the classic schedule can be disturbed. The parent concerned can have a charge of more intense work during a given time, have different needs. He may for example need to be alone in peace for 2 hours from 4 pm to 6 pm every day for this reason. It is for many a question of organization that is very important not to underestimate. It is therefore necessary to ask yourself: 'What are my needs?'. And to lay down very clear 'rules of the game': quiet times / time together etc. We can even write them on the fridge so that everyone can integrate them! "

Talk, communicate

"The children and the spouse also have their role to play of course! These rules of the game must be written together and it is important that they too can ask or express their needs. A family is an ecosystem. Asking these questions, explaining things to show what is important for you in this change of life, it is a way to involve them, to make them actor of this moment with you rather than having them undergo it as spectators. "

Trust yourself

“This is the main thing! Know that you are very far from being alone in this case. Many life changes, especially questions of meaning, occur after the birth of one or more children. the kind of times when we question ourselves, where we wonder: 'What world am I going to leave to my children?' The average age of people who join our programs at

Ticket for Change

is 39 years old, and they are people with two children. So this is normal and above all it can be a great thing! A great example for your children who have the model of a parent who dares to make difficult choices and follow a real professional desire. It's a great influence. You are never a better parent than when you are fulfilled in your professional life! "

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