Chinanews client, Beijing, August 17 (Reporter Xie Yiguan) Too bored to stay in "reinforced concrete" every day?

Come camping.

  Different from the past, "ascetic" camping, camping nowadays is more equipped and more emotional. Putting up every tent means the "birth" of an outdoor fashion blockbuster.

At the 2021 10th Nanjing International Holiday Leisure and RV Exhibition, a wide variety of exquisite tents, camping tools, etc.

Photo by Yang Bo

Did you Glamping today?

  Camping used to be a niche activity for outdoor enthusiasts, but the new crown pneumonia epidemic has trapped many people from traveling far away and brought camping back to people's sight.

  The data released by e-commerce platforms and outdoor brands all show the "out of circle" of this activity.

  Outdoor sports brand MU Gaodi pointed out in the 2020 annual report that thanks to camping becoming a popular choice for outdoor sports and social networking last year, the cumulative sales of brand tents exceeded 133,000, an increase of over 66% year-on-year.

  Entering 2021, this outdoor activity has accelerated its pace to the public.

Xiaohongshu data shows that from January to May, the search volume for camping on Xiaohongshu increased by 428% year-on-year, and the daily publication volume and daily search volume of community camping-related notes showed a linear upward trend.

  In these camping notes, there is a word frequently appearing: Glamping, which means exquisite camping and glamping.

Compared with hard-core traditional camping, it pursues exquisiteness and comfort, and it has become a camping method sought after by many people nowadays.

Screenshot from Xiaohongshu.

  According to data from an e-commerce platform, during the "June 18" period this year, sales of "exquisite camping" related products increased by more than 130% year-on-year.

Outdoor hand flushing pots and retro gas lamps have become popular new products.

  Axi (pseudonym), who often publishes camping news on Xiaohongshu, is a Glamping enthusiast. "At the beginning of last year, because of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, I couldn't go outside to play, so I started outdoor camping. At present, it is mainly around and short distances. I will go whenever I have time on weekends."

  A little later than Axi, Baozi (pseudonym) began to pay attention to camping information in the second half of 2020. "At that time, I was entangled in whether to enter the pit, but finally decided to join. At the beginning of the year, I started a camping trip, mainly to escape the city on weekends. Relax."

Exquisite camping needs money to pile

  Before entering the pit, Baozi had hesitated because Glamping burned too much money.

Canopy tents, solid wooden tables and chairs, mountain clothing, gorgeous lighting, hand-made coffee, and barbecue are all standard equipment for "exquisite camping". They must be purchased according to the season and site changes. "After several campings, the equipment I bought now is listed But here comes." Baozi said.

  Baozi currently spends about 30,000 yuan on equipment, and the most expensive item is tents. "Adding accessories cost eight to nine thousand."

  Such expenses are not high in Glamping circles.

Axi, who has basically purchased all the equipment and bought several tents, has already spent 50,000 to 60,000 yuan on camping. “Only a Snow Peak tent cost 14,000 yuan.”

  In Axi's view, "When purchasing equipment, portability, functionality, and appearance should be considered comprehensively. Generally, good things should be considered, and the price will naturally be more expensive."

The picture shows the "light luxury" exquisite camping equipment, you can see the romantic starry sky house with stars.

Photo by Yang Bo

  A reporter from searched on the e-commerce platform and found that although camping tents range from tens of yuan to tens of thousands of yuan, the prices of Snow Peak, NORDISK and other foreign brand tents and accessories that are often recommended in the Glamping circle are often as high as tens of thousands of yuan. The sky is also several thousand yuan.

The Snow Peak camping coffee pot used by many people is priced at thousands of yuan, the price of the egg roll table for Naturehike's customers is nearly 900 yuan, and the high-value outdoor camping lights and Snow Peak camping titanium cups of BAREBONES are also several hundred yuan. .

  And this is only a small part of the "exquisite camping" equipment, folding chairs, cassette stoves, pots, storage racks... every camping is equivalent to moving half of the house.

Some players even set up an equipment room for hoarding camping equipment. No wonder netizens comment, "Glamping is a game for the rich."

  Players such as Baozi and Axi went camping more frequently, the equipment utilization rate was high, and the money was relatively spent.

For those who occasionally want to "try early", buying thousands or even tens of thousands of yuan of equipment for camping is not worth the gain.

  Some netizens shared their experience and said, “I asked a friend to go camping and bought a tent, paddle board, grill and a bunch of things for more than 8,000 yuan. Didn't hold it back."

  Considering this demand, the "carry-in" type campsites that have emerged around exquisite camping have begun to appear.

Campsite operators will help consumers set up the scene, and stay in tents like staying in a hotel, which is easy and trouble-free.

  However, this kind of "carry-in" campsites are also expensive.

The reporter's inquiry found that a wild luxury camping tent at a residential camping site was priced at 1598.4 yuan per night and only accommodates 3 people at most.

A reservation page for wild luxury camping at a campsite.

High price does not mean high experience

  According to a report released by the Xinsijie Industry Research Center, with the gradual control of the domestic and foreign epidemic situation and the pursuit of outdoor leisure life by Chinese people, the outdoor camping industry market is expected to continue to grow, or reach 15 billion yuan in 2026.

  Faced with the development potential of the camping market, people from all walks of life have come to think of a piece of the pie.

According to data from Tianyan Check, there are currently 26,000 camping-related companies in my country, of which over 60% of camping-related companies (all companies) were established after 2020.

In 2020 alone, more than 8,400 camping-related companies will be added, with a growth rate of 86%.

Subject to industrial and commercial registration, my country has added more than 9,000 camping-related companies in the first half of this year, a year-on-year increase of 218%.

  The camping industry, which is in the extensive development stage, has also exposed many problems in its operations.

On social media, many people said that after spending a few hundred yuan to the campsite, the facilities were poor and the experience was not good.

  “Many camp operators are still in a very basic state, far from reaching a level of scale.” According to industry insiders, many are in the form of “re-operation”, but the camp’s services and infrastructure are not well done. .

Either the price is too high, or it is too far away, or the toilet is not good and there are too many mosquitoes.

  Liu Zhaohui, founder and CEO of Beijing Zhihui Tourism Culture Media Co., Ltd., once pointed out that from the perspective of the number and distribution of campsites, the supply of campsites in my country is obviously unable to meet demand.

Judging from the content of camping products, the existing camping tourism products are too single, with insufficient seasonal variability, sightseeing, and participation, the route design is similar, and there are not many products to choose from.

Have you ever camped?

How much did you spend on equipment?