The increase in the number of web shops in the Netherlands continues unabated, reports research agency BoldData.

In the first six months, more than ten thousand new online stores were added, the largest increase ever measured in six months.

In the entire previous year, nearly fourteen thousand new web stores were registered with the Chamber of Commerce.

The total number is now almost 73,000.

The vast majority of web shops (79 percent) in the Netherlands are run by one person.

The number of new food web shops grew the fastest in 2021, at 39 percent.

The new suppliers specialize in products such as macarons and cheese, but there are even web shops that deliver potatoes to home.

Other risers are web shops selling home and garden items and, to a lesser extent, electronics.

According to BoldData, the number of Dutch webshops is in reality even higher, because not all of them are in the trade register.

This mainly concerns stores with a physical location that also sell online.