Since the start of the corona crisis, the Dutch have been ordering much more online and also regularly have food delivered.

That has a huge impact on the book sector.

Due to the high demand for packaging paper, printers have to wait much longer for paper.

As a result, it may happen that certain titles are temporarily unavailable,


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Pizza boxes and shipping boxes have been hard to come by since the start of the pandemic.

And that is noticeable in publishers.

Normally they have to wait a few weeks for a paper order, but now that is a few months, various publishers tell the



Mark Beumer, director of publishing house De Bezige Bij, also notices that the demand for paper is high.

"Our printing company has warned us in recent months that it is more difficult to get paper," he tells

"Normally it takes a week to print a book, but now it's three weeks. And you don't want titles disappearing from the bestseller list because they are not available."

After all, books that are not available cannot be sold.

'Sometimes it gets exciting'

De Bezige Bij has not run out of books so far.

"We keep a close eye on it and order a new edition a little earlier than usual," says Beumer.

"Nevertheless, it is sometimes exciting. We prefer to keep our well-running titles in stock for at least a week. But it sometimes happens that it arrives almost one day: then the reprint arrives exactly on the day that the last copies are released. our stock to the bookstore."

Meanwhile, the CPNB, organizer of national book campaigns, is struggling with the following problem.

The agency has already ordered a lot of paper to print the 600,000 Boekenweek gifts.

But now it has a different concern, a spokesperson tells the


: finding enough cardboard to bring all the books to the bookstores and libraries.