Being your own boss means more freedom.

To do what you like, to organize your own time and to choose your workplace and customers yourself.

But having to arrange everything yourself is not always easy.

In this series, self-employed entrepreneurs and the trade union FNV Self-employed give tips.

This time: create an effective webshop.

FNV Self-employed has seen an increase in the number of online stores since the start of the corona pandemic.

Self-employed workers who never thought of an online store are now also using this and want to continue their online store after the corona crisis, says policy officer Florian de Jager of FNV Self-employed.

"A web store can also coexist with another form of sales. It actually increases your visibility."

"As an entrepreneur you have to be present on the internet", says marketing and communication specialist Nils Zelle of Empowerbox.

"It can be your digital business card, telling who you are and what you do."

In addition, as an entrepreneur you can also use the internet as a sales place.

"Due to corona, online sales have taken a huge flight. Even my mother now also buys books and, for example, slippers online."

Being present online can therefore lead to more customers and buyers.

But how do you actually create such a webshop?

Tip 1: Look around you

Zelle: "Visit the website of competitors to see what you do or don't want on your own website. Broaden your horizons and also look at freelancers with a similar position who work in a completely different industry."

Tip 2: Don't reinvent the wheel

Building a website from scratch takes a lot of time and effort.

"It's better to put that energy into adapting templates that already meet your needs," says Zelle.

"There may also be platforms in your industry that you can join with your product or service."

“If necessary, throw your website live and develop your webshop a little further.”

Nils Zelle, marketing and communication specialist

Tip 3: Don't limit yourself to physical products

According to Zelle, the internet is still seen too much as a place to only sell physical products.

With his company, he supports entrepreneurs to also be able to offer services online.

"For example, we helped an experienced lobbyist to develop training for a citizen lobby. He now sells it to residents who, for example, want to object to windmills or other plans of their municipality."

Tip 4: Get in the air as soon as possible

According to Zelle the most important tip: do not keep improving and developing your website, but put it online as soon as possible.

"If you don't do that, you sometimes spend months perfecting your webshop while it doesn't yield anything. It's a shame! If necessary, throw your website live and develop your webshop a little further."

Keep in mind the user-friendliness of your webshop, advises De Jager.

"This way you ensure satisfied customers who would like to come back."

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Tip 5: Inform your visitors

Online presence is the first step, but after that you also want to be found by your customers.

"For example, by writing texts in such a way that search engines place your site at the top, or with advertisements," says Zelle.

Content marketing is another great way to achieve this.

"By creating information, inspiration, overviews or step-by-step plans, others are increasingly able to find your website and remember your website. Like the seller of solar panels who clearly describes how the panels are installed per step, with videos."

This comprehensive approach takes some effort, but you do it for a reason.

"Such an entrepreneur will be easier to find online, develop a favorable factor and ultimately sell better. Informing your visitors in this way takes a lot of time, but it also yields many customers and assignments. So see it as an investment."

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