China News Service, Baoding, August 14 (Lv Zihao and Xu Qiaoming) On the 14th, the commissioning ceremony of a hundred hydrogen fuel cell vehicles ("hydrogen heavy trucks") demonstration line in Baoding City, Hebei Province Line Road Station" was held.

  The Yixian Highway (Rongcheng to Yixian County) and the An-Daxian Highway (Anxin to Daceying) are the main building materials transportation channels planned and used in the construction of the Xiong'an New District. Both are two-way six-lane first-class highways. Construction started at the end of September 2019. Construction, completed and opened to traffic in May 2021.

  The reporter saw at the event that the first "easy line road station" with a hydrogen refueling capacity of 1,000 kg/12 hours has been completed and put into use. 100 new hydrogen trucks along the north side of the road Lined up.

The site of the commissioning ceremony of the hydrogen energy heavy truck demonstration line.

Photo by Xu Qiaoming

  According to Xie Peng, director of the Baoding Development and Reform Commission, the Baoding Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government attach great importance to the development of the hydrogen energy industry, focusing on the planning of demonstration application projects such as hydrogen energy heavy trucks on the easy route of the building materials transportation channel in Xiongan New District.

The main function of the Yixian Highway is to guarantee the transportation of sand and gravel aggregates from the “Xiongan Reservoir and Comprehensive Utilization of Waste Slag Project on the Middle Route of the South-to-North Water Diversion Project” in the Xushui District to the Xiongan New Area. Based on the calculation of the period and the annual mining volume, the city plans to put into operation 1,000 heavy-duty hydrogen trucks in three years on the basis of the first batch of 100 vehicles. Guarantee the construction of Xiongan New District.

  Xie Peng said that in order to promote the smooth implementation of the project, the city established a car purchase platform and established Zhitong New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. to promote the purchase and operation of hydrogen energy heavy-duty trucks, and to improve the comparison and selection of vehicle companies, vehicle design and manufacturing, and prototype road tests. Work efficiency, the establishment of special support funds, the establishment of funds to raise funds to the society, and strengthening of fund guarantees.

The application of this hydrogen energy heavy truck project can also help achieve the carbon peak and carbon neutral goals of Baoding City, promote the green transformation of traditional chemical and steel enterprises in Hebei Province, and lay the foundation for subsequent large-scale commercial promotion.

  Yan Jihong, deputy secretary of the Baoding Municipal Party Committee and Acting Mayor, stated that Baoding is the first batch of pilot cities for China's low-carbon city development projects named by WWF, and the only prefecture-level city named by the National Development and Reform Commission.

At present, the city is taking the three major economics of green, low-carbon, biology, and digital as the leading, to carefully build a city of quality life in the world-class urban agglomeration of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei.