Externally, the Mini Strip has not been painted: the steel of its body is raw, it has just been protected against rust. The car is stripped of all its unnecessary accessories and aims to be minimalist. Produced on the basis of Cooper SE 3 doors, the city car reviewed by Paul Smith was developed according to 3 criteria which are "simplicity, transparency, durability". The welds are visible, some parts like the wheel arch protectors were made with a 3D printer with recycled plastic and the fixing screws are now visible, giving the Mini a more raw appearance, called "perfect imperfection" by Paul Smith. The roof has been replaced by a sheet of transparent plexiglass, which floods the interior with light.The latter is not left out since it has been largely stripped and the dashboard was made of cork. The seats are covered with recycled fabric, the on-board computer has been removed in favor of a smartphone dock and the steering wheel, with a new design, is covered with handlebar tape, a tribute to the bicycle.


A tricolor roof for the Mini


Important update for this classic Mini

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