The European Commission (EC) has transferred 24.9 billion euros to Italy.

This will allow the Italians to restore the badly hit economy of the country, the EC writes on Friday.

This includes paying for projects to make transport more sustainable and digitization at companies.

The EU country, hard hit by the pandemic, can look forward to a total of 191.5 billion euros from the fund, of which 68.9 billion in grants and 122.6 billion in favorable loans.

This makes Italy, in absolute numbers, the largest recipient of aid from the recovery fund that the 27 EU heads of government set up last year.

They then agreed that at least 37 percent of the money should be spent on climate measures, and 20 percent on digitization.

Earlier this week, Greece received 4 of the 30.5 billion euros available to the country.

Earlier this month, Belgium, Portugal and Luxembourg were the first EU countries to receive money.

Since April, 25 Member States have submitted their recovery plans to the EC.

The Netherlands and Bulgaria are the only countries that have not yet done so.

The Hague wants to wait until there is a new government.

In exchange for the European support, the countries have to implement all kinds of reforms to strengthen their economies. In addition to sustainability and digitization, it also concerns adjustments to the tax system or the labor market. Time schedules have been agreed with the EC for the implementation of the plans. Payments of the following amounts are linked to compliance with the agreements.