FRANCE MOVES - Changing your life often requires training.

But how do you choose the training that's right for you?

How to navigate the maze of aids?

Discover the three recommendations issued by Adèle Galey, co-founder of the Ticket For Change organization, in the special program La France Bouge "Et si on changer de vie" on Europe 1.


When it comes to changing their life, more and more executives are taking the plunge by turning to a manual profession.

So to succeed in your professional reconversion, you often have to go back to the school benches.

Intensive training?

Night classes ?

It is not always easy to choose the most suitable training ... In La France Bouge special "Et si on change de vie", Adèle Galey, co-founder of the Ticket For Change organization, helps you to train well for get started.

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Take the time to choose a course adapted to your desires ...

“As always, the first thing to do is ask yourself the right questions to find the training that will be right for you, and it will be different for your neighbor, your colleague or your best friend! the areas of knowledge, skills or talents that you want to explore. For this you can get help, this is what the book Activate your talents, they can change the world, for example, by Matthieu Dardaillon, co -Founder of Ticket for Change.

Once you have found what you want to be trained for, it remains to be seen if it will be right for you.

We advise you to first look for lots of information on the internet to compare offers, do a kind of market study.

You can then write yourself a questionnaire based on your selection criteria: you call the organizations and ask your questions. 

You can also talk to people who have done the training you are targeting to get their feedback.

You can find this on the social network LinkedIn or by asking the organization directly for alumni contacts. "

... and your schedule 

"Continuous training often lasts between 6 to 12 months to be truly certifying or professionalizing and if it is in work-study program it can go up to 2 or 3 years. There are“ intensive ”formulas compatible with the schedule. of people who have chosen to dedicate themselves to their new path thoroughly and formulas more suited to people who are being trained in parallel to their current profession. Because of course nothing requires you to do it in a radical way. time: start taking small steps, in parallel with your work, test, iterate, until you are sure of your decision, of the path you can take. It depends on the possibilities and constraints of each individual and of course on the personalities!

From 2022, you will be able to see if the training organizations that interest you are Qualiopi certified.

It is a first pledge of significant quality! "

Accept to be wrong

"The tests, the iterations are made to make mistakes! You don't necessarily get started on the right path the first time and you will only be able to know that by trying. The good news is that there is has more and more training courses that are financially accessible, which makes it possible to test without the financial consequences being too important. You can check your Personal Training Account which allows any active person, as soon as they enter the market employment and until the date on which she asserts all her retirement rights, to acquire training rights that can be mobilized throughout her professional life.You can also consult the jechangedemé site which list all the financial aids that can be used for training. "