The birth of the first Peugeot station wagon dates back to 1949, the year in which the 203 station wagon was presented. At the time, the segment was still embryonic and no one knew if there really was a clientele for this type of car. But the lion brand is confident, so much so that it will offer two versions of its Peugeot 403 station wagon: a Family and a more rudimentary. The good reception given to these models encourages Peugeot to develop its offer. In 1956, the lion brand launched the 403 station wagon, it is also offered in Family and Commercial versions. It will be replaced in 1962 by the 404 break, while the 203 break will wait until 1965 and the arrival of the 204 to have offspring.

The story is definitely on and new chapters open as time passes: Peugeot 304 and 504 station wagon in the 70s, 305, 505 and 405 station wagon in the 80s, Peugeot 306 and 406 SW in the 90s In the early 2000s, the manufacturer changed the genre with two original proposals: a 206 SW with a particularly small size for a station wagon, and a 307SW which took up some good ideas seen in people carriers. The list goes on further with the SW versions of the first 308 and 407, as well as those of the first and second generation 508s. In 2021, a new Peugeot station wagon enters the scene: the new 308 SW. The first copies will hit the road early next year. From the launch of the brand, the brand offers many engines,including two plug-in hybrids of 180 and 225 hp.


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