When the National Fitness Day arrives on August 8, as a sports and fitness service provider that is loved and trusted by users, Keep has joined hands with brand spokesperson Yi Yang Qianxi to reinterpret the brand spirit of "self-discipline gives me freedom".

At the same time, Keep also launched the online "8.8 K Games" event to ignite the enthusiasm for fitness of the whole people and convey the new brand concept of "self-discipline gives us the freedom to be happy".

  During the National Fitness Day, in order to call on the whole people to develop exercise habits, Keep launched an 8.8K online sports event, set a fitness goal of 50 million calories for the whole people, and launched a welfare activity suitable for the public to receive prizes with steps to increase the public’s health. Attention to fitness adds to the sports atmosphere of fitness day.

  In the new era of national fitness, people's fitness needs also tend to be professional and individualized.

  Keep uses premium content IP, excellent domestic and foreign coaches and other high-quality fitness content to provide users with innovative fitness courses. At the same time, it also organizes activities around key groups, such as paying attention to youth sports health, launching summer sports programs for students, and in some online courses In the game, give full play to the influence of athletes and youth idols, and lead more young people to enjoy sports.

  National Fitness is no longer a simple slogan, but a way of life for more and more people.

Keep is also fulfilling its mission from beginning to end-to make the world move. In recent years, with its own advantages, it has continuously contributed to the development of the nationwide fitness industry.

  This spring, Keep upgraded the three major boutique IP courses of temperament ballet, hot sweat yoga, and fat burning party to meet the sports needs of people from beginners to high-end, and enrich the sports and healthy life of the masses with innovative and diverse courses.

For users who want to improve their posture and enhance their personal temperament, they can practice temperament ballet that combines fitness training and ballet dance elements; for users who want to reduce fat but have a weak exercise foundation, hot sweat yoga can help everyone achieve total body fat loss , The goal of reducing fat and shaping; and for users who like hardcore exercises, pursuing efficiency, and breaking through themselves, the fat burning party allows users to empty their brains, relax with music, get rid of fat and worries, and enjoy the joy of fat burning. .

Some time ago, Keep also specially created the summer star live broadcast season, which was live broadcast continuously for 10 hours a day for two consecutive days. The three major IP classes were collectively displayed at the event, and nearly one million people participated in just two days.

  Self-discipline gives me freedom and makes more and more people fall in love with sports. With high-quality online courses and hardware products that are deeply integrated with content, Keep allows users to enjoy professional and convenient fitness services at any time.