, Nanchang, August 4 (Yuan Rujing) Jiangxi Provincial Department of Finance reported on the 4th that from January to June this year, Jiangxi Province’s general public budget expenditures will be used for education, social security, medical and health, agriculture, forestry and water, urban and rural communities, and housing security. The expenditure on people's livelihood reached 295.24 billion yuan, accounting for 78.4% of the expenditure.

  Since the beginning of this year, Jiangxi has coordinated the advancement of the 51 facts identified in the People's Livelihood Project at the beginning of the year.

Up to now, 51 practical things have been carried out in an orderly manner.

Among them, 4 practical facts have been implemented, and 36 practical facts have completed the task of "double over half".

For example, the Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of Jiangxi Province is actively promoting the "zero landfill" of urban primary waste, and eight municipal solid waste incineration facilities have been completed, with a completion rate of 50%.

  In order to promote the establishment of a normalized direct mechanism for people’s livelihood funds, in addition to 28 funds included in the direct funding range of the central government in 2021 and 9 funds included in the reference direct funding range, Jiangxi Province's fiscal departments at all levels correspond to the transfer of common powers and special projects in the direct funds of the central government. The 20 funds of transfer payments are also reflected in the direct fund monitoring system.

  As of the end of June, Jiangxi had strived for 113.63 billion yuan in direct funds from the central government that year. The budget allocation progress of provinces, cities and counties basically reached 100%, and the province’s expenditure progress was 70.6%, exceeding the schedule.

  The people have called, and the government has responded.

Jiangxi Finance focuses on the people’s desperation and despair, and strives to solve the key small issues that the masses reflect strongly. At present, 75,000 shanty towns in the province have been renovated, with a completion rate of 64.7%. In 2020, there are 1481 old communities planned to be renovated, with a completion rate of 98.3%. In 2021, it is planned to renovate 959 starting communities, with a starting rate of 79.1%.

  In addition, Jiangxi's provincial finance issued 4.01 billion yuan in subsidies for the promotion of rural revitalization, divided poverty-relief counties as a distribution factor to provide tilt support, and issued 1.09 billion yuan in Jiangxi provincial-level high-standard farmland construction funds, involving all 89 counties in the task. Develop implementation plans and implement construction tasks to village groups and plots.