Sumitomo Rubber Industries, a major tire manufacturer that had been falsifying quality data on rubber products used on the quay of the port, apologized at the financial results meeting on the 5th, and by the end of October, the results of an investigation by outside lawyers Clarified the idea to announce.

Sumitomo Rubber Industries Co., Ltd. produces some rubber products called "fenders" that prevent damage to ships on the quay of the port, produced at a factory in Kakogawa City, Hyogo Prefecture. We conducted a test and announced that the data had been tampered with.

Regarding this, Satoru Yamamoto, President of Sumitomo Rubber Industries, said at a press conference held online on the 5th, "We deeply apologize for causing a great deal of inconvenience and concern. We will improve our constitution and change our consciousness. "

In addition, President Yamamoto said that fraud may have been overlooked since the early 1990s, and expressed the recognition that "the priority was given to delivery and long-standing customs led to such an act." rice field.

The company has clarified its intention to announce the results of the investigation by the end of October after investigating the cause with the addition of an outside lawyer.