Due to the impact of the new coronavirus, capital investment by large corporations, which fell sharply last year, has increased significantly this year, mainly in the manufacturing industry, and government-affiliated financial institutions are planning to recover the level before corona. I found out in the investigation.

This survey was conducted by the Development Bank of Japan every year around the end of June, targeting large corporations with capital of 1 billion yen or more, and 1823 companies responded.

According to this, the amount of capital investment planned for this year increased by 12.6% compared to the actual result of last year.

Last year, it was negative for the first time in nine years due to the influence of the new coronavirus, but this year we plan to recover the level of 2019 before corona.

In the manufacturing industry, investment in semiconductors and data centers for "electric machinery" has increased in response to digitization, increasing by 39.1%, and "chemicals" are also EV = materials for electric vehicles for decarbonization. Investment in increased by 14.9%.

On the other hand, many non-manufacturing industries are unlikely to recover from the corona sickness, and “services” including tourism and accommodation have grown at a low rate of 8.2%.

Shinichiro Adachi, General Manager of the Industrial Research Department of the Development Bank of Japan, said, "It is difficult to make a medium- to long-term plan because we cannot predict how long the impact of the new corona will be. There is also a risk that the amount of capital investment will be lower than at the time of planning. It is possible. "