KNT-CT Holdings, a major travel company that owns Kinki Nippon Tourist and whose finances have deteriorated due to the effects of the new coronavirus, received capital support from its parent company, etc., and resolved the insolvency at the end of June. ..

However, in the settlement of accounts for the three months up to June, the final profit and loss was a deficit of 6.4 billion yen, and it is said that management efficiency will be further improved.

On the 5th, KNT-CT announced the financial results of the entire group from April to June.

As of the end of March, the debt exceeded the assets by 9.6 billion yen, but we issued new preferred stock and received capital support of 40 billion yen from the parent company and the main trading bank, and the debt was insolvent. Is said to have been resolved at the end of June.

However, as the effects of the new coronavirus continued to decline and travel demand continued to decline, the final loss was 6.4 billion yen.

In addition, in this year's earnings forecast, the final profit and loss is expected to be a deficit of 14.8 billion yen, and while the company continues to be difficult to manage, it will increase income other than the travel industry such as vaccination business and curb hiring. The company plans to further improve management efficiency by reducing the number of employees.