China News Service, Beijing, August 4 (Reporter Du Yan) The two-day 2021 Global Digital Economy Conference ended in Beijing.

Today, the reporter learned from the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Economics and Information Technology that as of August 3, the conference has reached 44 corporate strategic cooperation intentions and 25 cooperation projects, with a total intention of about 1.84 billion yuan.

  The 2021 Global Digital Economy Conference results conference is hosted by the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Economics and Information Technology and the People's Government of Chaoyang District, Beijing, and undertaken by the Chaoyang District Development and Reform Commission.

As the closing event of the 2021 Global Digital Economy Conference, the conference results release conference focused on the theme of "'numbers see the future, without boundaries", which focused on the results and highlights of the conference to help Beijing build a benchmark city for the global digital economy.

  According to reports, the conference strictly implemented the requirements for epidemic prevention and control. More than 200 experts, scholars and well-known entrepreneurs from more than 20 countries and regions participated in a combination of online and offline methods. Implementation Plan", "Beijing Declaration on Global Digital Economy Benchmarking Cities" and "Global Digital Economy White Paper"; the theme exhibition selects 14 digital economy characteristic enterprises in Beijing, and displays high-quality products facing the cutting-edge of science and technology; Beijing Digital Economy Experience Week activities make the digital economy Visible, sensible, and tangible, aroused enthusiastic responses from all walks of life; more than 200 companies registered for the Global Digital Economy Innovation Competition, covering more than 10 countries including the United States, Canada, Finland, Italy and nearly 20 provinces and cities in China; parallel The forum focused on digital industrialization, industrial digitization, digital governance, data value, digital new infrastructure, and digital trade. It introduced the latest products of more than 17 companies, released 9 industry reports, specifications and action plans, and announced and interpreted the numbers. 3 economic policies and 8 government platforms were established or exhibited.

As of August 3, the conference has reached 44 corporate strategic cooperation intentions and 25 landing cooperation projects, with a total intention of about 1.84 billion yuan.

  The "2021 Beijing Software and Information Service Industry Development Report" was released at the meeting, pointing out that during the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" period, Beijing's software and information service industry will achieve high-quality development and achieve leapfrog growth in scale, efficiency, and innovation.

Facing the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, it has shown a growth trend against the trend. The income-generating capacity of leading companies has increased, the development potential of innovative companies has been outstanding, the layout of key areas has been continuously optimized, the industry's talents, capital, and innovation output have maintained growth, and the industry's radiation has increased.

In the first year of the "14th Five-Year Plan", Beijing will rely on a good industrial development environment to share the development opportunities of the digital economy and create new achievements in the capital's software industry.

  During the signing session of the press conference, Chaoyang District signed a memorandum of cooperation on major projects in the Digital Economy Demonstration Zone with a number of companies.

  In the new product release link, 11 high-quality companies released new products, focusing on the display of representative products of the digital economy from the three levels of the digital economy industry's basic layer, platform layer, and application layer.

  The press conference also awarded awards for outstanding works of digital economy experience activities.

The event is an important part of the "Beijing Digital Economy Experience Week" of the Global Digital Economy Conference. It aims to "inclusive digital technology and activate the digital ecology". For DWF and other four tracks, a total of 185 college teams, 107 corporate teams signed up, 59 student teams, 38 corporate teams submitted works, and 12 outstanding instructor awards and 8 college outstanding organization awards were selected. .

  It is reported that the 2021 Global Digital Economy Conference is an important event to be held at the time of the rapid development of the world's digital economy. Experts, scholars, and business representatives from all over the world actively participate through online and offline methods. The forum and project cooperation have achieved fruitful results and digital economy experience. Weeks and other special activities effectively promote digitalization into the lives of the people.

In the next step, Beijing will continue to explore new paths, new theories, and new rules for the development of the digital economy, and drive the overall development of the digital economy, so as to build a global digital economy benchmark city, as an important starting point for integrating into the new development pattern, inspire the vitality of data elements, and promote wisdom Open urban scenes, insist on service first, and build a precise integrated service system that meets the development of the digital economy.