Ryanair transported 9.3 million travelers on its planes in July, occupying 80 percent of its available seats, the company said on Wednesday.

A year ago, the budget airliner carried 4.4 million passengers, which is half less.

When the Irish low-cost airline announced its first-quarter figures last week, it was already clear that more people have been taking the plane since May.

Last month, the company transported 5.3 million travelers, in May there were 1.8 million.

Over the quarter, 8.1 million people flew with Ryanair.

In July Ryanair therefore already transported more people than in the entire first quarter, which starts in April, and thus occupied 80 percent of its seats.

It took off and landed 61,000 times.

Ryanair cannot make predictions for the rest of the year due to the uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus, but the company is seeing bookings increase for the next quarter as more and more people have been vaccinated.

It usually stays with cheap flights, it sounds.

Ryanair announced two weeks ago that it will appeal against the corona support for Dutch airline KLM.

The company previously went to court for this and accused the Dutch government of giving unfair state aid.

The European Commission then adjusted a number of things in the motivation to approve the state aid, but Ryanair is not satisfied with that and is therefore going to court again.